Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin wears the cap and counters Tim Cook's comment about him being “opportunistic” [atualizado]

In the interview you gave Stephen Colbert last week, Tim Cook he was asked about the films that cover Steve Jobs's life and, despite saying he has not seen any, said that "many people are being opportunists".

Then Aaron Sorkin, screenwriter for "Steve Jobs" (who won another cool trailer recently), seems to have dressed the horse. To Hollywood Reporter, he declared:

Nobody made this movie to get rich. Second, Tim Cook should really see the movie before deciding what to do with it. () Third, if you have a factory full of children in China setting up phones for 17 cents an hour, it takes a lot of courage to call someone an opportunist.

as we say here in Bahia, the guy “got air”.

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Update · 09/27/2015 s 10:44

And Sorkin apparently realized that he went too far. In an interview with AND! Online, he declared:

You know, I think Tim Cook and I both crossed the line. And I apologize to Tim Cook. I hope that when he sees the movie, he likes it as much as I like his products.

I think we’ll hardly see any statement from Cook about the case

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