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Screenshot Gallery: What's different about iPadOS 13 compared to iOS 13

As you followed on Monday, starting this year the iPad is gaining its own variation of iOS to call its own: the iPadOS 13.

The operating system base is obviously the same as iOS, but iPadOS does come with several things that set it apart from iOS from iPhones / iPods touch and seeks to make iPad a real replacement for Macs / PCs.

One of them can be seen right away on the home screen: there's much more room for icons (they get smaller, the same size as iPhone icons) and the ability to swipe from left to right with the iPad in landscape mode to view widgets. next to the cones.

IPadOS 13 Home Screen Animated GIF

Here's another screenshot gallery for you highlighting things that change on iPadOS over iOS: two windows of the same app on Split viewmultitasking Slide over, App Expos, new branding tools, compact keyboard with QuickPath, the new Sidecar feature (extended Mac screen on iPad), improvements to the Files app (Files), most powerful photo editing, among others.

The images are all from our collaborator Vincius Porto. Check it out and click / tap the ones you want to enlarge:

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