Apple releases MacBook Pro Graphics Firmware Update 1.0

Screen issue on new 17 ″ MacBooks Pro may have to do with overheating

Good news for NVIDIA at least for now. It seems that the recent problems reported with new 17-inch MacBooks Pro are not directly related to the GeForce 9600M, but with poorly programmed control of their internal fans, which would result in the machine overheating.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but some users have managed to force the MBP fan to run at 3,000 RPM, which eliminated the defect in artifacts and colored dots on the screen. Meanwhile, an NVIDIA spokesman claims that Apple is already known to be investigating the case and that, if necessary, it will have its help.

MacBooks Pro screen issue

In fact, the working average of 2,000RPM laptop fans in a normal situation. However, in case of high temperature which can be the result of intense work of the machine or the use of a GPU such as NVIDIA 9600M they can reach up to 3,500RPM. This is exactly what MBPs are not doing, causing the problem described earlier.

Best of all, the correction should be very simple via software, of course and it shouldn't take long to paint around.

(Via: SlashGear.)