Science surpasses sport in European interests

The results of a special Eurobarometer, published today, show that almost 80% of European citizens claim to be interested in scientific discoveries and technological progress, a number that exceeds the responses of those who are interested in sport, reduced to 65%. Scientific research capacity is essential to keep Europe competitive and guarantee the success of the Europe 2020 strategy.

The survey carried out by the European executive’s statistics body indicates that more than 70% of Europe’s citizens believe that European Union-funded research will be more important in the future and that more initiatives should be developed to stimulate young people’s interest in issues scientific.

Although the overwhelming majority of European citizens recognize the benefits of science and its importance, many also fear the risks inherent in new technologies and the power that knowledge gives scientists.

Among the most skeptical are the Portuguese. While only one in five Europeans responds that they are not at all interested in scientific discoveries and technological developments, on average, Portugal is among the six countries in which more than a third of citizens reveal this disinterest, with 35% of responses, together with Poland, Romania, Lithuania and Turkey, which gains 45% of the responses.

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Regarding access to information on scientific and technological developments 61% of Europeans consider themselves to be very or moderately informed and more than 63% admit that it is necessary to stimulate the participation of women in research, which would contribute to improving the way it is carried out .

The survey was carried out through direct interviews in 32 European countries between January and February this year, with over 31 thousand people being interviewed.