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Schedule your schedules, days off and work schedule with the Duty Scale app

More and more Brazilians work in scale regime that is, outside of the traditional 8-hour, 9-to-5-hour lunchtime scheme, and with the easing of labor laws, the tendency is for this figure to grow even more. Therefore, the usefulness of the app Scale Plant today stronger than ever.

Duty Scale - Easy Schedule app icon

The application, developed by the Brazilian Marcelo ReisIt is fully adapted to Brazilian scale standards and allows you to schedule your schedule, plan time off and planting, and much more all up to one year in advance.

The Scale Plant is able to automatically calculate your schedule according to your scale standard (12hx36h or 24hx72h, for example), and can also take into account alternating patterns (such as 12hx24h / 12hx72h, very common for military police) or plants with Random days, suitable for health professionals. In short, it's the absolute flexibility for you to make your schedule as fast as possible.

Once your schedule is calculated, the app is able to tell you if a particular day (up to one year in advance) will be a workday or day off for you; A color-coded timeline displays your next months, scales, and days off. You can even assign locations and payment amounts to each plant, so that you have an idea of ​​your itinerary and your salary at the end of the month according to the amount of hours worked.

Planto Scale compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS 11.4 or higher and can be purchased from $ 1.90 on the App Store. It is worth checking!