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Scareware: False virus warnings scare Android users

Many Android users around the world are scared by the dubious virus messages on some sites. Notifications come in the form of MP3 downloads or updates from the Play Store and are annoying with advertisements. In this article, you will find out what are the most common examples of these "scarewares" reported on the AndroidPIT forum and how to avoid them.

For those who do not know, the AndroidPIT one of the largest Android communities in the world. In addition to the Brazilian forum, we also have the German forum with just over a million users, in which members of our community are increasingly scared by the scarewares on Android.

For months, users have collected a number of screenshots and information regarding Android advertising scarewares. The fake ads appeared while browsing 9GAG or other well-known sites, and caused a wave of uncertainty among users.

Notifications such as "Your device may be infected with viruses" or "Your device has been temporarily blocked by …" and occasional vibrations have completed the feeling of insecurity.

android scareware malware 1
In Germany, many users have been confronted with messages like this / ANDROIDPIT

Virus notification is usually followed by a notice indicating that the user must pay a certain amount of money or download an anti-virus X application, usually with many grammatical errors. Some apps look legitimate, indicating the model and Android version of your smartphone correctly, as well as known logos and URLs that look true.

malware scareware android 2
Hit the back or start button on your device / ANDROIDPIT

Of course these notifications are lies and completely harmless. Thanks to JavaScript, websites can, for a few years, make your device vibrate. Here are some examples. And your browser capable of sending important data about your smartphone to all websites. You can check this data here. This is purposeful, because websites can adapt the content for each device, the so-called responsive design.

malware scareware android 3
Malware can scare users with accurate device information / ANDROIDPIT

What to do if it happens to you?

What should you do when such an ad appears? Never click "OK" or any other link in the ad, as this will allow the site to perform a Script on your device.

Depending on the version of Android, browser, and Webview version of your device, this script could exploit a vulnerability and manipulate your browser. Instead, click the back or start key on your smartphone.

Some malware sites are persistent and permanently maintain the page. If this happens, click the start button, go to Settings> Applications> search your browser app> Clear data.

If this tip came too late for you, the script may have already been run on your device. There are several ways to eliminate this "infection". The first option, as described above, is for your browser application information. This time, go one step further and disable the browser. With this action, the updates will be removed and the settings will return to the original default. Then reactivate the application and everything should be back to normal.

Sometimes these attacks do not come from a website, but from an application. These apps have advertising banners with which these inserts are possible. In the AndroidPIT forum topic, an MP3 download application was to blame. For a diagnosis of the cause, you should check out the following article:

If these instructions do not eliminate the problem, you may need to restore your device to factory defaults or connect your device to a computer for complete software repair. But this option deletes all your data like photos, videos, messages, contacts, etc. So always make a backup of your Android.

And you already received this type of ads on your Android?

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