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Scammer app disguised as heart rate meter is back in the App Store [atualizado]

Just under a year ago, we gave an app alert here scammer, with a technique of the most brazen, that went by heart rate meter to take $ 330 from unwary consumers. After the controversy, the app has been removed from the App Store, but guess what it is back under a new identity.

Who warned us about the English return was our reader Dhuanny Almeida, by Twitter, noting that the app is not only back, as it is being announced on YouTube ie one more legacy of unwary could fall for the Touch ID scam. Now the app presents itself as "Pulse. Heartbeat" and its registered developer as BIZNES-PLAUVANNYA, PP.

The extortion technique is the same as before: the app says that to measure your heart rate, you need to rest your finger on the iPhone's Start button. By tapping the start measurement option, the app lowers the screen brightness as much as possible and displays a screen asking you to purchase its full version, which has the annual cost of R $ 340 (yes, thieves also suffer from inflation); You, however, are probably not seeing any of this, with the screen in minimal brightness. And with your finger on the Home button, the Touch ID is automatically activated and the internal purchase registered.

To prove the scam, just see that the "measure" of the beats continues even if you don't keep your finger on the Start button in fact, it is recorded even if your iPhone or iPad doesn't have a Start button and is based on Face ID, instead.

At the very least, our dear scammers are polite enough to provide an in-app link to Apple's subscription page on the app, you can request a cancellation of your purchase within 24 hours to have your money returned.

As usual, stay tuned, report any irregularities you see on the App Store, and make noise with this kind of occurrence; It is not possible, after all, for the store's approval team to miss a blow like these once, but twice. Oh, and if you are looking for an app that measures your heart rate, we repeat our recommendation from the previous post: Brazilian Heart Care.

Update by Eduardo Marques 08/07/2019 s 18:10

Fortunately, Apple has removed the app from the App Store so let's hope it doesn't come back in disguise under another name.