World Environment Day Challenge on iPhone

Save the date: June 5 has Apple Watch challenge for World Environment Day

In times of a pandemic, even leaving home to exercise is not recommended, but many have found ways (some extremely creative) to move around the home – what is lacking, in some cases, is the incentive.

If you need a little push, who knows what next Apple Watch challenge it is not the right opportunity for you. Apple scheduled for the day June 5, The World Environment Day Challenge; to win it, you need to complete the Standing Circle and move for at least one minute for 12 hours that day.

World Environment Day Challenge on iPhone

Precisely due to the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), Apple did not Earth Day Challenge, last month – presumably to make people stay at home and practice social detachment. It is also worth noting that this year marks the first World Environment Day Challenge.

Apple Watch challenges allow users to collect virtual trophies, which are available on the “Awards” tab of the Activity app (Activity) on iOS and watchOS. Winners will also receive the following stickers that can be used on iMessage and FaceTime: