Save over $ 253 on these 10 Linux games on Steam Summer Sale

Steam Summer Sale has started and is getting huge discounts on various titles. In the last live we did on the channel (playing Outlast on Linux), some people asked me to make a selection of good Linux game titles with good prices. Well, I made my TOP 10 here and you can have a great time saving over R $ 370,00 in these 10 titles.

Best Steam Summer Sale LInux games

I chose some classic titles, but above all, games that I love to play and that I really think are good. There are many others available, perhaps some even better in various respects such as graphics, history, etc., all depending on your taste. But let's go to my selection this year.

1 – CS: GO: I don't think we need introductions, right? One of the most classic games in the history of video games in its latest version and one of the most famous competitive games in the world today.

2 – Middle-earth – Shadow of Mordor: Great graphics and a rich story await all Tolkien fans who like open-world, adventure-filled and fun RPGs, certainly a great option, especially for the price that at the moment I write gets 80% off (another good thing is not is on the list The Witcher 2).

3 – Left 4 Dead 2: "Left", as players call it, is far from a new game, but it is certainly an incredibly fun classic that you should buy if you don't already have it, especially for the big discount we have on it this time. Sale. Even today thousands of players are cramming the game's servers, so you definitely won't be playing alone, making it one of Valve's most successful games.

4 – Rocket League: This is a game that I have already become addicted to, deflected and addicted to again in an almost endless cycle. In fact, Rocket League is one of the funniest games I've ever been able to play, especially if you can get your friends to play with you. The proposition of football with cars counter intuitive when we think logically, but the surprisingly good game is yet another picture of the eSports scenario around the world.

5 – Dying Light: Add zombies, survival, parkour, adventure and a lot of action and you have Dying Light, the beautiful graphics are also attractive, not to mention that the game is all in Portuguese, including the voice acting. Great for those who like to play Story mode in Single Player campaign and a lot of fun also to play in multiplayer mode, this is another promo game worth taking.

6 – ARK: Survival Evolved: Ark one of Steam's bestselling games, there are many people in love with it. Frankly I haven't had all the time I would like to play it, but I have many friends who have already spent many hours playing. I believe Ark is one of the best games of today with the concept of survival.

7 – Borderlands 2: Have the Borderlands cartoon graphics always caught my attention, the dynamics of the game, the universe to explore, and for such a price? I think it's certainly worth checking out.

8 – Metro Redux Bundle: "Metro: Last Light" was the first Linux game I remember zeroing in, the incredible story and the graphics are also very good to this day. I am suggesting here why we have a Bundle, that is, a package with Metro 2033 and Last Light in their remastered versions. a present!

9 – Outlast: Fans of horror games can't leave Outlast off the list, this is one of the few games we can play in their time of release and we're sure to enter history as a milestone in the genre. Outlast is not for everyone, of course, but for the horror horror comics, one of the best. Save the proportions and times, I find Outlast as striking as it was Silent Hill at the time of its release.

10 – Tomb Raider: Let's see what are the reasons for you to consider buying this game … The cool story, the protagonist over there for charismatic (we're talking about Lara Croft, no?), Good graphics too, I bet Lara's hair in the game is better than your! The game also has a multiplayer mode that I found very cool, although not so exploited, and widespread, so even though the game is only worth the story, if you find any to buy with you, about 4 or 6 people, the multiplayer mode will be really fun too. Exploring the runes of ancient civilizations, creating makeshift tools and living adventures is a lot of fun.

And so I close my humble list of games, as I said, there are many others and one thing you should be aware that prices may vary according to the moment you are viewing this post. But regardless of price, we all have great games to play.

If you buy them all, you will spend just over $ 175 on 10 (actually 11) great games, which gives us an average of about $ 16 per game. Of course, you don't have to buy them all, but if you were to buy them all at their normal prices, the value would easily be $ 500!

Hope you enjoy this Summer Sale with your Linux distro and if you can spend less, even better!

See you next time!

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