Saudi oil company beats Apple and is the most profitable company in the world

Although Apple Not today the most valuable company in the world, undeniable that every quarter, when it discloses its financial results, we are surprised how iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches and other products beyond, of course, the services it offers today can generate so much money. They are billions in profit, a sum of greenbacks that leaves other huge companies in the sector in their slippers.

But what if I tell you that Apple wasn't the most profitable company of 2018? Do you risk telling who achieved the feat of generating more puff than Ma? If you thought of oil, you got it right. But was it PetroChina, which came under the spotlight when recognized by many as the first company to be worth $ 1 rail? No. The feat came from Saudi Arabia and bears the name of Saudi Aramco, as reported to CNBC.

According to the financial data released by the state, she had a profit of $ 111 billion in 2018, leaving Apple far behind with its $ 59.5 billion. To get an idea of ​​what this means, Saudi Aramco made more money than JP Morgan Chase, Google / Alphabet, Facebook and Exxon Mobil combined (these companies made almost $ 106 billion in 2018)!

In 2018 she produced 10.3 million of barrels of oil per day, reaching incredible sales $ 355.9 billion. the first time company numbers are shared; Saudi Aramco started out as an American venture (a grant of oil rights in Saudi Arabia), but was fully acquired by the Saudi government in 1980. These numbers have now been shared as the company issues its first titles in international markets.

“I would say that tells us that Aramco is worth at least $ 1 rail,” said Ellen Wald, president of Transversal Consulting and author of “Saudi Inc.,” a book about Aramco's corporate history.

The problem is that, as we are talking about a government enterprise (and the Saudi government a monarchy), things are beyond nebulae. Want an example? Aramco paid $ 58.2 billion in dividends in 2018, but no one knows for sure how they are distributed, as the 9Finance.

And with a financially bleak start of the year, forecasts are not the best we can, it is virtually impossible to see Apple fighting with Saudi Aramco to be the most profitable company in the world in 2019.