Satechi accessory provides fast charging for up to 4 devices; elago, Ultimate Ears and Sonnet also have news

Do you want new accessories? Well, without further ado, let’s go with new accessories!


The manufacturer recently introduced the charger to govern everyone: the 108W Pro USB-C PD Desktop Charger it brings, as the name implies, 108W of power – enough to provide fast charging to up to four devices simultaneously.

New 108W charger from Satechi

We have four ports here: two of them are USB-C PD (Power Delivery), 90W (for recharging MacBooks Air / Pro) and 18W (for iPad Pro); the other two are USB-A, each capable of providing up to 12W for iPhones, AirPod cases or other smaller mobile devices. In other words, it is an all-in-one solution for your gadgets.

Satechi’s new accessory is compact enough to be carried in any backpack / purse, and has a space gray finish, matching Apple products. It costs $ 80 and is already on sale on the manufacturer’s website and on American Amazon – just remembering that you will need to bring your own cables to recharge your devices, as it only comes with the cable / plug plug.


Meanwhile, the elago, famous for her irreverent cases for several Apple products, presented her newest creation, named AW5. This is a case for the AirPods case (heh) with retro design, inspired by the iconic lines of the first GameBoy, from Nintendo.

Elago AW5 Case for AirPods with GameBoy look

The silicone case protects your case from falls and scratches, and also has a (removable) carabiner designed to connect the gadget to your key ring or backpack. The accessory is compatible with all AirPod case models, including those with wireless charging.

The AW5 case is being sold in gray and black versions, and comes out for $ 12 on American Amazon. What about?

Ultimate Ears

The Ultimate Ears, subsidiary of Logitech, recently introduced its newest – and most powerful – Bluetooth speaker. THE HYPERBOOM, according to the manufacturer, is enough to liven up a not too big party with tranquility; at the same time, its discreet design is designed not to attract attention or create conflicts with the decoration of the environment, even with its large size.

Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM

HYPERBOOM brings speakers in 360Âş, adaptive equalization technology and is capable of reproducing sounds in a volume (intensity) up to 3x higher than that of MEGABOOM 3, the most powerful old option in the line. The speaker is capable of resisting splashing water and has a battery that lasts up to 24 hours away from the outlet; it even has a USB port to recharge your smartphone or tablet.

She also has a certain amount of intelligence, being able to directly access playlists Apple Music, Amazon Music or Spotify (the latter, Android only). It is also possible to connect multiple devices and toggle them through a specific button at the top of the box.

HYPERBOOM is now available on the Ultimate Ears website, for $ 400.


Finally, the Sonnet – which you may already know from Apple’s Apple-certified eGPUs – launched the adapter Solo5G, designed for recent computers that do not have an Ethernet port (that is, all portable Macs, for example).

Sonnet Solo5G Ethernet Adapter

Simply connect the USB-C cable (included) to your computer and adapter to enjoy speeds of up to 5Gbps – depending on the speed of your connection, of course. The Sonnet accessory uses the NBASE-T standard, which takes these speeds higher than standard Ethernet cables.

Solo5G is now available on the manufacturer’s website for $ 80.