iTown no Natal Shopping

Saraiva inaugurates today its first iTown store in Natal (RN)

The Apple Premium Resellers network from Hail, a iTown, is landing in Rio Grande do Norte.

Open today (Friday, June 30) at 6 pm, iTown do Natal Shopping.

Like all APR, it is offering the entire line of Apple products (iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc.) including accessories. Until July 7, the public will be able to take advantage of products on offer for opening, such as the iPhone 7 with 128GB for the price of the 32GB.

The new store will also have the services of Intelligent Exchange, Extended Warranty and Saraiva Protection. As of the second semester of that year, the unit will have technical assistance.

This is only the eighth iTown store opened by the Saraiva group.