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Sapphire Serial Misadventures: Apple Sues Another Process in Failed Material Production Attempt

If a magic lamp appeared in Cupertino, I suspect one of the three wishes of the Apple people would be to go back in time and cancel any production initiative. sapphire crystal, the super-tough material that covers the most expensive Apple Watch screens, rear camera lenses and iPhones Home button that Ma had plans to put in front of your smartphone in the not too distant future.

The whole sequence of events related to this endeavor at Apple is peppered with failure. First, the partnership with a supplier called GT Advanced Technologies fell apart when the firm filed for bankruptcy in 2014. Then GTAT still blamed Ma for its collapse, stating that the contract signed between the companies was “oppressive”. it's heavy"; In the end, Cupertino reached an agreement with the supplier and closed the case with a check from $ 439 million and not a gram of sapphire crystal.

Now a new chapter in this story that, I suspect, everyone already considered dead and buried comes to haunt Apple and, depending on the outcome, take a few more coins out of its formidable piggy bank. I say this because the Chinese manufacturer Hebei Hengbo Fine Ceramic Material filed a lawsuit against Ma, alleging breach of contract.

The action, filed with the Northern California US District Court, is almost completely censored (because the details of the case are still secretly fair); It can be noted, however, that China requires the termination of a contract with Apple currently in force related to the production of a material used in the process of creating sapphire crystal, as well as the payment of damages relating to the period in which the contract is in force.

Apple has not commented on the case, but we will be looking out for further developments.

via AppleInsider