Sapo Maps expands the number of cities with 360º images

The possibility of making virtual visits to Portuguese cities in Sapo Maps was reinforced with two dozen more locations that can now be seen in 360º images.

Among the new cities added to the service are places of historical and cultural interest, such as Alcobaça, Batalha, Sintra and Cascais, but also the Douro International area.

The reinforcement of 360-degree images results from a partnership between SAPO and 360 Portugal, which specializes in providing realistic visits from a defined space.

The option can be activated by selecting an option available in the service and the images can be seen on the background of the map or extended to the entire screen.

Image name

SAPO has also been reinforcing the areas of aerial images that already cover the whole country with high resolution photos and that give a different view of the selected places.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the various features of SAPO Maps can see the video that the company has prepared for this purpose.