SAPO on Meo

Sapo guarantees new content on Meo

Meo’s IPTV customers have a new channel available on PT’s Triple Play service that takes advantage of SAPO’s content to provide access to information from the News and Stock Exchange or Newsstand, as well as georeferenced data from Pharmacies Service, Traffic and Time.

Still in an experimental version, and not accessible to Meo Satellite customers, the contents “represent the movement of convergence between television and the Internet”, explained Zeinal Bava, PT’s president, who showed the functionalities within SAPO Codebits that runs until tomorrow in Alcântara.

“There are still a lot of people who do not see the use of Internet access, but the services we are providing here are useful for day-to-day activities”, adds the person in charge of the company, noting that there are many more televisions than computers in homes and that you need to facilitate the experience and access.

SAPO on Meo

To use the service, customers only need to reset the machine, turning it off and on again.

Zeinal Bava says that the company is continuing to invest in differentiating Meo and its service in relation to the competition. “This service brings together two things that only PT has: SAPO with its contents and PT Inovação with the development of technology”, he recalls.

New services are already at the forge, such as i-Meter that intends to use the Meo platform and the box to collect data on energy consumption at home, presenting them to the customer on television and adding some intelligence to offer comparisons of consumption and usage advice.

PT Inovação is also demonstrating in Codebits a Meo personalization system that uses facial recognition to present users with personalized content tailored to their needs. Another of the demonstrations explores a new way of searching and presenting video content in a Videowall that can be used in the Meo Videoclub.