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SAPO aggregates information from broadband services

SAPO aggregated in a single website all the information about the offer of broadband Internet access that was previously dispersed in several channels. The objective is commercial and simple to experience, but it also gives customers access to new simulators and membership forms.

The characteristics of each offer and the tariffs are accompanied by data on the services available in the customer’s area of ​​residence and a video simulator through which it is intended to help the customer to identify the service most suited to their usage profile.

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Online membership, without leaving the website’s navigation environment, is another of the features implemented, in addition to a navigation that already includes touch screens, and therefore has larger buttons. The connection to social networks on Facebook and Twitter has not been forgotten.

In addition to Internet access in ADSL, fiber and mobile broadband, the site also provides access to information about “extra” technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Voice over IP (VoIP), connecting to security and traffic services. unlimited.