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São Paulo buses begin accepting Apple Pay, cards and other turnstile systems

MetrRio took the lead in this, but the city of So Paulo is finally getting into the wave of public transport paid by mobile phones or other contactless means (contactless). Starting next Monday (16/9), some buses from the largest city in the country will allow you to pay for your ticket for systems like Apple pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay or directly with your NFC-equipped debit / credit card.

The project will be started, in the testing phase, with 200 buses that make the route of 12 lines in the city and serve about 2.9 million of passengers per ms. The pilot will last approximately three months or until a limit of 500,000 transactions is reached, whichever comes first and then will be applied to more buses and lines gradually until it reaches the entire So Paulo highway network.

bus from Sao Paulo with ticket payment via Apple Pay or other contactless meansBuses accepting mobile payments will have this indication on the doors

The 12 lines that will receive the project were designed to cover the maximum areas of the gigantic city and to reach, as soon as possible, the maximum possible users. Just them:

  • 675R / 10 Graja Metr Jabaquara
  • 715M / 10 Jd. Maria Luiza Lgo. from Plvora
  • 807M / 10 Term Clean Field Shop. Morumbi
  • 908T / 10 Why D. Pedro ll Butant
  • 917M / 10 Morro Grande Metr Ana Rosa
  • 917M / 31 Morro Grande Metr Ana Rosa
  • 2002/10 Term Term Flag Why D. Pedro ll
  • 2590/10 Union of Vl. New Pq. D. Pedro ll
  • 4031/10 Why St. Madalena Metr Tamanduate
  • 5129/10 Jd. Miriam Term Guarapiranga
  • 5129/41 Jd. Miriam Sto. Amaro
  • 6030/10 Unisa-Campus Term Sto. Amaro
  • 9300/10 Term Green House Term. Why D. Pedro ll
  • 9500/10 Term Cachoeirinha Pa. Do Correio

On upgraded buses, passengers will be able to pay for their tickets (which will cost the same $ 4.30 of course) with your cell phones through compatible payment systems. In the case of iPhones and Apple Watches, we are talking about Apple Pay. Simply register your platform-compatible card (if you have not already done so) and, when boarding the bus, bring your mobile phone or watch closer to the payment terminal.

Payment can also be made with Mastercard, Visa or ELO debit or credit cards, as long as they have an NFC chip these cards usually have a four-wave signal indicating the presence of the technology. NFC payment devices such as Santander bracelets will also be accepted.

The news has only one negative point compared to the Single ticketSo Paulo's public transport payment card: By paying for your ticket with a credit / debit card or cell phone, you will not be entitled to free integration with every bus you enter, a new ticket will be purchased. The system, after all, is still not intelligent enough to know that you are going through the turnstile.

Still, the new form of payment will be great for those who usually pay the ticket with cash or for tourists, who will no longer have to worry about carrying the change or buying the Single Ticket. The population as a whole will also benefit from the faster boarding, of course.

The question now is when the City of So Paulo has expanded the novelty to other modes: Metr and CPTM have recently started testing a QR code ticket payment system, but the solution is not as simple or quick as the novelty implemented in the US. bus. Hopefully the changes will come quickly!

via Brazil Agency, Tecnoblog