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SanDisk Unveils World's Largest Storage Drive – 4TB!


1,000GB capacity in a slim, compact body

THE SanDisk presented its new 4TB storage drive prototype in the CES 2019. The company is touting the product as the world's largest storage USB drive on the market.

The 4TB device has a USB-C connector for super fast transfers with no speed, specification or price details.

The flash drive is a prototype and is therefore not yet sold. Currently, a 2TB unit costs an average of $ 1,000 or more. The 4TB unit can be expected to cost at least $ 2,000, and could easily go to $ 2,500 and beyond, given that a product premium.

The Connected World is at CES 2019, bringing more information about what's new in the technology world.

Via: Tweak Town Source: MacRumors