Samsung's new patent indicates sensor capable of measuring body fat

Health and fitness are trends followed by many Android wearable device and accessory manufacturers such as the Galaxy S6 and Gear Fit. So, all options available in the market offer very similar features, such as measuring heart rate, pressure and step count. However, a new Samsung patent promises to take body tracking capabilities to the next level. Check out the details in the article below.

The South Korean manufacturer has filed a patent that allows measuring sensors to be placed on a device screen or internally. The new sensors work together to measure body fat levels as they come into contact with the user's body and, based on the illustration below, we can see that this reading takes place through both hands.

samsung body fat patent new side
Sensor implemented on device to be able to measure body fat./ Android Authority

The patent was filed by Samsung with the following description: "Acquisition of information based on current input and measured voltage intensity" and "acquisition of object body fat information based on impedance information. It is still unclear whether Samsung will really invest in this technology for the next generation of Galaxy line devices.

The ability to measure body fat is interesting not only for users, but for medical professionals. The biggest problem encountered in today's sensors is inaccurate results, making current accessories and smartphones insufficient for professional purposes. If Samsung develops a truly accurate sensor, smartphones could reach a new level of utility.

And, do you believe Samsung will use its new patent on the Galaxy S7?

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