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Samsung's new external SSD has Thunderbolt 3 connection and impressive speeds

Passionate about storage space and breakneck speeds, I shuddered. THE Samsung, already one of the top names in the area of ​​high performance external storage devices, today unveiled its new creation that leaves all other company products slippery: the portable SSD X5, which brings nothing less than a connection Thunderbolt 3 for exciting transfer fees.

Samsung X5, External SSD with Thunderbolt 3 Connection

The X5 read speed of 2,800MB / s, which is 5.2x higher than Samsung's own T5 line (which also features SSDs but with a SATA connection), or 25.5x higher than a standard external HDD with a USB 3.0 connection. Writing, in turn, comes to 2,300MB / s, which allows a 20GB 4K video file to be uploaded in about 12 (yes, twelve) seconds. One second, I need to get a handkerchief.

The accessory has much of its tiny shiny metal body, with the bottom made up of a shock-resistant plastic Samsung, by the way, claims to have created a crash protection system here that can withstand drops of up to two meters. We have our own cooling system called Dynamic Thermal Guard Technology, to avoid overheating episodes, and South Korea puts all its 256-bit encryption technologies to the cake to protect its data.

The only drawback of the X5, of course, is that it only works with computers that have Thunderbolt 3 inputs, which excludes some current Apple models, such as the MacBook and Mac mini, as well as all pre-2015 machines. On the Windows side, the port is still not as common on models that are not on top of the pyramid.

Of course, considering the prices of the accessory, I'm sure its first owners have access to state-of-the-art machines both for their own use and for work. The X5 comes in 500GB versions ($ 400), 1TB ($ 700) and 2TB ($ 1,400) and are already pre-sold on the US Amazon website. Belezinha, no?

via Gizmodo