Samsung's chief product officer says: “It's irrational to be fighting for rectangles”

Samsung's chief product officer says: “It's irrational to be fighting for rectangles”

The judgment between Apple and Samsung is, as expected, giving way to talk. The day before yesterday, the Wired interviewed Kevin Packingham, chief product officer at Samsung.

Kevin Packingham - Wired

When asked why Samsung is attacking with more technology-related patents rather than design Apple's focus on the trial, Kevin replied:

In terms of patents, we have also made several contributions to the design field. I would say that the patents we are fighting for in which there is a lot of discussion and litigation, are now about these very broad design patents, like a rectangle. For us, it is irrational to be fighting for rectangles, which are being considered as an infraction, that is why we are defending ourselves.

He continued:

() We (from the industry) are scratching our heads and saying, "How is it possible that we are debating on an industrial level and trying to stifle competition?" Consumers want rectangles, and we are fighting for who has the right to deliver a product in the shape of a rectangle.

Accused of copying the design of iPhones, Samsung is defending itself with several patents related to technologies present in smartphones such as 3G. According to Kevin, only one company is constantly accusing the others, but the rest are getting along very well.

We should have a good and healthy dialogue about how we are going to advance the technology, how we are going to improve the consumer experience. It is not about how we will isolate our companies and prevent innovation from entering the market.

Okay, as if it were that simple.