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Samsung unveils new Galaxy S20 models ahead of time

If there were still doubts about the appearance of the new Galaxy S20, Samsung made a point of dispelling them. The technology revealed images to publicize the models that it is preparing to launch soon and although these were only online for a short time, the truth was that the WinFuture portal was able to detect them.

Accidental or not, the truth is that the images prove the majority of leaks that have been reaching the internet in the last few months. The name of the line (S20 instead of S11), the centered front camera and the rear cameras accommodated in the upper left corner are just a few examples.

The images also show a first official cover, gray, with built-in LEDs.

Recall that Samsung committed the same lapse with the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, the day before the official announcement of the equipment.

The event where the new S20 will be unveiled is scheduled for February 11th. It is expected that the range will consist of three variants, all with 120Hz screens and support for 5G networks.

The much talked about Galaxy Z Flip is also expected to make a brief appearance at the event.