Samsung unveils new foldable Galaxy Z Flip phone in announcement

Samsung foldable cell phone concept

Samsung foldable cell phone concept

The Oscar night of this Sunday, 9, also had an important revelation in the world of technology: during a commercial at the event, the Samsung showed more details of the Galaxy Z Flip, the brand's second foldable phone, due to be announced on February 11th. The images show the smartphone folding vertically, similar to the Motorola flexible smartphone, the Razr.

For the commercial, it is also possible to see a second display on the cell phone, which allows you to answer calls with the device closed. The video shows that you can keep a video call with the mobile screen positioned at 90 degrees.

In the commercial, the Galaxy Z Flip appears in purple and black. Rumors suggest that the device should cost about $ 1,400.

There is no more detail about the new foldable cell phone from Samsung. With the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung presents a new proposal for its foldable cell phones. Last year, the company announced its first flexible device, the Galaxy Fold, which folds horizontally: when opened, it is about the size of a tablet. The Galaxy Z Flip a different bet, which follows the idea raised by Motorola last year, with the Razr: a compact phone, reminiscent of the old flip phones.

At an event on February 11, the company is also expected to announce the new line of Galaxy S20 phones.