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Samsung Unveils New Details of Regional Device Lockout

Samsung had announced that it would introduce the lock regional in YES tablets and smartphones card. The first devices with the feature hit the market – but users at the They're not happy about that.

samsung sim lockLabel that the product is restricted Europe / AndroidPIT

It is currently known that the Galaxy Note 3 j comes with the regional lock feature implemented. It was one of the first models to hit the market with polemic functionality. This has led to much criticism and annoyance on the part of customers who have purchased the equipment from a foreign store and are unable to use the device with a SIM card from their country. Apparently, all handsets manufactured after July this year are "affected" with the lock.

In a statement, the company defended the use of regional blocking as a way to "improve the services delivered to customers according to the particularity of each region." In the end, the company clarified that the device can be unlocked after a procedure of "activating" the device within the telephone network into which it was launched. In case if a device is locked to work in Europe only, the user must insert a SIM card with an active line from any Europe carrier and remain active on the network for at least 5 minutes and make or receive a call. After that, the SIM card lock is closed and can be used by any carrier in the world.

And you, what do you think about Samsung's regional block?

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