Samsung TV packaging could turn into a home for your cat

Samsung TV packaging could turn into a home for your cat

Cats have always liked to play with cardboard boxes, and the Samsung TV box has given another reason for pussies to play with packaging

Do you usually worry about the amount of trash produced by your purchases of electronic products? It is estimated that, by 2015, we used to generate up to 40 million tons only in paper / cardboard packages. Buy a Samsung TV can start to reduce the amount of waste, with the new packaging that has been reinvented to become a cat house.

The launches of TV Samsung Lifestyle turn accompanied by what they call eco-packaging, (ecological packages, in free translation), as part of an initiative to reduce the environmental impact caused by packaging waste. Three Samsung TV's that were featured in the last CES included in the game: Frame, Sero and Serif.

White cat coming out of the house made with the Samsung Serif TV box. Next to him, a skein. Modern architecture seeks to please even the “most selective pets” (Disclosure)

So, after you install your Samsung TV, the idea is to reuse the box to create products for to decorate your home. The card comes even with stippling that can serve as a cutting guide, in addition to a manual of instructions via QR Code to help you with the task. On one side, the paper is in its original brownish tone. In another, we can see a blue finish more pleasing to the eye.

Samsung x Dezeen Out of the Box Contest

In addition to the cat house, Samsung also released images of small shelves books, magazines and table center. There is even a contest, organized in partnership between Samsung and the architecture and design magazine Dezeen, which seeks to promote the TV manufacturer's green initiative.

Called Out Of The Box, which in literal translation “Fora da Caixa”, the contest seeks creative minds from anywhere in the world, above 18 years of age. Interested parties can complete the form (on their own or as a team) at May 29, showing his creation when reusing cardboard boxes. Most curious of all: they don't need be the same new packaging from Samsung, and can be of any size or purpose.

magazine rack next to sofa, wooden floor and natural environmentThinking outside the box: practical magazine rack for your living room. (Disclosure)

Finalists will be judged on IFA 2020 (event in Berlin), which will take place in September. The winner takes home no less than 10 thousand dollars, followed by 2 (5 thousand dollars), 3 (3 thousand dollars), 4 and 5 place (one thousand dollars each).

At CES, Samsung already won the innovation award (Innovation Awards) by the concept presented when using the “efficient use”Of its resources. In the official statement, the executive vice president Kangwook Chun stated that “consumers are more inclined to buy from brands that share common fundamentals and values, and with our eco-packaging, we believe that we can provide our customers with a new experience that considers the environment as an important form of self-expression“.

Did you like the idea and cat owner (s)? Do you think a house like this would last for a long time or would it be destroyed by your pet? Tell us in the comments!