Samsung deve lançar nova câmera mirrorless NX Ultra de 108MP com sistema Android

Samsung to launch new 108MP NX Ultra mirrorless camera with Android system

THE Samsung would be preparing to reintroduce its line of mirroless NX photo cameras to the market, starting with a model with the same 108MP sensor present in the high-end smartphone Galaxy S20 Ultra. The model would be called Samsung NX Ultra and would bring operating system Android just like the previous gadgets of that same line.


Other products of the company and of the Mijia sub-brand will be on display

According to the website DIY Photography, the cameras were taken off the market by Samsung overnight. Since then, there have been several rumors about the series' return to the market, all of which were false until now.

The difference to the current speculation is that the website Digital Camera World brought a report with greater consistency, citing sources from within the industry with knowledge of the subject.

According to these people, in addition to using the sensor Isocell 108MP of the Galaxy 20 Ultra, the NX Ultra camera should still have its design based on Samsung NX 300 (launched in 2013).

Source: Samsung

The mirrorless photo camera must have a hybrid experience, which mixes touchscreen with button shortcuts. The user interface should be similar One UI, which is used in Galaxy phones.

The report points out that the reason for the launch of the new camera is the drop in sales of smartphones. After all, users are increasingly keeping their devices for longer, ending the annual upgrade culture that previously existed.

The new Samsung NX Ultra should be able to record videos in 8K resolution and at 30 frames per second. Despite this, the expectation that the quality will not be the same as some competitors will offer, since the new model from Samsung will use a smartphone sensor for this.

It is important to note that this news may be based on a false rumor or even an April Fool's joke, since it was published yesterday. Despite this, there is no indication that this is the case. So far, the information has not been denied and the report is not particularly funny.

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