Samsung suspends production / sale of Galaxy Note7; owners must return their units [atualizado: é definitivo]

One of the iPhone's most formidable competitors is practically dead, which is sure to give Apple's smartphone sales a boost. What began with a simple account of a few units exploding around the world has turned into an unprecedented crisis for the Samsung and yours Galaxy Note7, which is now being called back home, where it most likely will no longer leave.

Galaxy Note 7

I explain myself: with recall summoned by Samsung after the news of the first explosive units, things cooled temporarily and it seemed that the problem would be solved. Many of the customers went to the stores where they bought their phones and replaced them with new ones, with a security seal indicating that it was a "safe" Note7.

The problem arose again when these so-called "safe" units began to explode * too *: the first and most notable of the recorded cases happened on a Southwest Airlines flight, in the United States the plane had to be evacuated after the phone punched the carpet of the aircraft with the heat. Then several other reports began popping up on the Internet, indicating that the new smartphone units were not, in fact, as safe as imagined.

From then on the thing went downhill and became almost a real urban legend: airline companies nominally quoting Note7 before each flight, asking passengers to keep their devices off at all times; major publications recommending the immediate suspension of the production of phablet and to top it all, all major US carriers suspending their sales.

Now comes the action of Samsung itself which, while drastic, was absolutely expected: the company announced that it is “Temporarily suspending” Note7's production to investigate its problems. All dealers must stop selling the device and its exchange program has also been canceled: owners of phablet You are advised to turn off your device immediately and return it to the store from which it was purchased, with the option of exchanging it for a similar category or getting the money back.

It does not take much intelligence to deduce that even with euphemistic phrasing, Samsung is effectively burying the Note7 forever. How well does the RecodeIt is no longer a matter of revitalizing the name of the device but of regaining the reputation of the company itself, which is suffering a significant shake with the #explosiongate.

Well, we have a few months before the introduction of the S8

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Update · 10/11/2016 s 13:05

And Samsung confirmed earlier today that the suspension of production and sale of Note7 definitive. After the Wall street journal announcing the end of the device, the South Korean press office confirmed to specialized vehicles that "permanently discontinued production of the Galaxy Note7".

Bye, Note7 was eternal while it lasted.

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