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Samsung starts production of new 64Gbits, 20nm NAND flash chip with 3 bits per cell

Samsung recently started mass production of new 64Gbits (8GB) NAND flash chips, manufactured by the 20 nanometer process and with 3 bits per cell (MLC). These are the first releases with these characteristics.

NAND flash memory chips

These new high-density chips are great candidates for equipping devices like USB flash drives, memory cards, smartphones and the like. They are also starting to use a new technology based on Toggle DDR, for high performance flash memories (reaching up to 133Mbps).

As a major supplier of NAND flash memory for Apple (iPads, iPods and even the new Apple TV, all use chips from Samsung), this novelty opens doors to see soon the arrival of new models with at least twice the capacity of current ones .

(via Computerworld)