Samsung sells almost twice as many smartphones as Apple and remains the absolute leader!

Samsung sells almost twice as many smartphones as Apple and remains the absolute leader!

The crisis that Samsung suffered last year seems to have given a break. After third-quarter fiscal results are shown, the numbers say Samsung has sold about 83.8 million smartphones so far. That means 23.7% of all smartphones sold worldwide were from Samsung. It sold nearly twice as much as Apple's archival and remains the absolute leader.

But what else South Koreans may be enjoying is the fact that Samsung sold almost twice as many smartphones as its big rival Apple. The US company has sold 48.4 million iPhones around the world. Worldwide, smartphone sales grew 9.5% compared to the same period last year. All this data was released by the market analysis company. Strategy Analytics.

However, not everything is flowers for Samsung. When we looked at Samsung against Apple directly, the US company did better in Q3 sales. While Samsung experienced a slight increase of only 6% compared to the second quarter, Apple had a 36% increase in sales. Obviously this increase in Apple is due to the launch of new iPhones, but we can remember that Samsung also launched new models … although it does this every week.

samsung galaxy s6 edge plus vs iphone 6 plus side
Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus. / ANDROIDPIT

And who thinks Samsung is getting along with its various tops like the Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 or the Edge line, is grossly wrong. Intermediaries are still Samsung's main source of income, as in the last quarter the new Galaxy A8 and Galaxy J5 were the devices that boosted the manufacturer's sales.

Following the ranking, we have Huawei in third place selling about 26.7 million handsets worldwide, and then Lenovo with 18.8 million handsets. And closing the leaders, we have Xiaomi in fifth place with 5% of worldwide sales.

Wonder if the other manufacturers decide to follow in Samsung's footsteps? How many smartphones will we have coming to market every week?

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