Samsung rethinks about going to MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2020 due to Coronavirus

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After several mobile device developers such as Ericsson, Nvidia and ZTE, Samsung is joining the group with companies that are afraid to go to the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2020. Like other companies, it has decided to decrease the number of representatives who will travel to the event, due to the risk of their employees contracting Coronavirus.

Several Samsung executives canceled their trips to Barcelona at MWC

According to people informed about the matter, several Samsung executives decided to cancel their trips to Barcelona, ​​Spain, the city where the event will take place in the second half of this month (days 24-27). At the moment, the company still plans to have its presence at the conference with its booth in the hall, but there is still a chance that plans will change before the scheduled date.

According to the CNET website, there is a chance that there will be a big stop in partnerships between executives of something level, which usually occurs during MWC in private places. Samsung previously had the habit of unveiling its new smartphones during the mobile device event, however now it has decided to announce the launch of the Galaxy S series devices at an event called Unpacked, which takes place in the USA a few weeks before the MWC. The expectation that the company announces the launch of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Buds + tomorrow, February 11, in the city of San Francisco.

Several companies are avoiding China due to Coronavirus

The Coronavirus outbreak is being a pandemic, where the symptoms look like pneumonia. Currently, more than 37,000 people in the world have already been affected in some way by the virus and there are already 800 deaths from the disease. The rapid transmission to several territories in the world has caused the technology industry to be affected, since most companies have factories in China. Several companies even closed their factories, stores and offices in the Asian country, in addition to creating rules to restrict travel.

Since the MWC event has an average of 100 thousand visitors annually, the restriction of people to participate in this event may not be a bad idea, as this way there will be less chance of contamination of people by the virus.

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