Apple grabbed 79% of all smartphone market profits in 2016

Samsung opens Apple's distance in global smartphone sales

Almost a year ago, Apple achieved a feat: with a few models of iPhones for sale (usually the most current and 1-2 previous generations), it managed to sell the same number of smartphones as the Samsung in the last quarter of 2014.

In the following quarter we saw that Samsung had already managed to regain leadership, and now we have an overview of 2015 that shows the South Korean right in front of Ma.

According to data obtained by Strategy Analytics, Samsung reportedly sold 81.3 million smartphones in the last quarter of 2015 against the 74.8 million iPhones announced by Apple. In market share, we are talking about a difference of 20.8% against 18.5%.

In the year as a whole, the difference between the two was even greater: Samsung totaled 319.7 million units sold against Apple's 231.5 million, or 22.2% and 16.1% respectively in market share. Behind them came Huawei (7.4%), Lenovo-Motorola (5.1%) and Xiaomi (5.0%). The market as a whole grew 12% in one year, reaching 1.44 billion smartphones.

THE International Data Corporation (IDC) it also published a similar survey just yesterday. The numbers between them vary slightly (she cites a market share overall in 2015 of 22.7% for Samsung and 16.2% for Apple, for example), but in general the scenario is the same.

(via MacRumors)