Samsung: New Device Unlock Patent

Samsung: New Device Unlock Patent

In addition to being based on open source tools, Android is a favorite with many people for a variety of reasons: it allows for more customization, integration with Google services, runs programs at the same time in the background, and so on! But there is a detail that almost goes unnoticed and that envy the competition: the screen unlock! In addition to being functional and secure, unlocking allows the user to create very complex combinations to open their device. And it seems that Samsung wants to better explore these finger swipe codes on the screen.

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Samsung registers several patents every year / Samsung

The Korean has submitted a patent application which is to be used in a new unlocking method. The method would use on-screen drawings that do not necessarily link the nine dots we are used to today. This would further open the possibilities for creating symbols and designs using the entire screen of the device.

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Unlock screen, receive calls and turn off handset: all with drawings on screen.
<p>The patent also suggests that in addition to unlocking the device, it will be possible to activate other commands with a simple design on the screen, such as to turn off the device. It will be necessary to make at least one intersection between the lines. You can for example define that to answer calls, simply draw two "l"; to turn off the appliance, a fish; and to unlock the screen, your rubric!</p><div class='code-block code-block-3' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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And you, would you like to see this new feature on your Android?

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