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Samsung, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon show interest in Cyanogen

"An obscure Android software company," so the site The information defined Cyanogen, owner of the custom ROM most commonly used by Google OS users. It turns out that the publication states that the startup is being courted by no less than Samsung, Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon. According to the site, these three great players would be in partnership with the developer of the CyanogenMod along the lines of what it already has with Oneplus, for example.

oneplus one galaxy nexus cyanogenmod teaser
Cyanogen seems to be being contested by major players in the mobile market. / ANDROIDPIT

Cyanogen people and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella have apparently had a meeting to discuss the possibility of the developer joining forces with Bill Gates's company. What would lead these companies to look directly at a startup like Cyanogen is the fact that the developer group seems to be an alternative to developing Android apps and hence an option beyond Google.

Hyptese 1: Amazon

Amazon has been investing in different options, one of them being Fire OS, which has not yet fallen in favor of users. In addition, the online sales giant is still closely linked to the fact that it develops devices for users to buy even more products from its store. It's still hard to glimpse a future for Cyanogen with Amazon, especially because of the essential open-source character of Steve Kondik's startup.

Hyptese 2: Yahoo

Yahoo has been flirting with Android apps for some time now. Recently, the company run by Marissa Mayer bought the Aviate launcher and certainly a partnership with Cyanogen would be quite promising for Yahoo to connect all services on the site.

Hypese 3: Samsung

Although Samsung is one of Google's top selling Android OS partners, it is also the least trusted company to partner with Big G. Sammy has been developing Tizen for some time, even without much success, the software has already It is part of many devices of the manufacturer, especially in wearables. Today, the South Korean manufacturer has signed a collaboration with Nokia, and bring Here, the Finnish manufacturer's Google Maps for Android, as the exclusive Galaxy line.

So when it comes to operating system, Samsung seems to be very busy to offer a consistent partnership for CyanogenMod developers. But I would not rule out this whole hypothesis.

Hypothesis 4: Microsoft

According to the staff of the Android Authority, Microsoft would be the company with the most possibilities with Cyanogen. If we consider that Windows Phone is paddling the market with a 2 to 4% stake, the idea of ​​Microsoft working with Steve Kondik's team generates a lot of anticipation in the market. Apparently, under Nadella's management, the company's philosophy seems to be changing and becoming more open, to the point that Microsoft will release applications and products across platforms.

In addition, Microsoft could be the only competitor able to offer a viable alternative to Google's proprietary applications such as Gmail, Drive, Maps, and the Play Store itself. Although many AndroidPIT users see me as an advocate of GApps, I can imagine a flagship Microsoft running on software developed by Cyanogen and full of Microsoft applications. It even seems to me like a beautiful wedding.

However, it is worth noting that we are talking about possibilities created on the basis of speculation from a single source. We can only wait to see what happens in the coming months.

And, should Cyanogen continue as alternative software or run into the arms of the big players in the mobile market once and for all? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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