Samsung may sell hard drive division thanks to Apple's influence

Apparently, companies are failing to see high potential for long-term profitability in the sale of HDDs, as the market increasingly encourages the development of devices based on solid storage. Recent advances in hardware and software have granted greater technology reliability, known for years for its high performance.

Hitachi 10K hard drive

With its huge variety of mobile devices and computers, Apple is the largest global consumer of NAND flash memory and is leading a gradual transition from the market to solid state storage. Because of this, Samsung would have plans to sell its hard drive division, after realizing that its investments in the segment no longer offer a satisfactory return.

Although Apple has never significantly purchased Samsung HDDs, rumors suggest that the two companies have signed a billion-dollar contract for the acquisition of components, so the Korean conglomerate would have earned a profit source capable of offsetting a potential sale of its division. hard drives. Two days ago, speculation emerged that Samsung's SSDs would already be in use on the current MacBook Air.

It is not yet known who should buy the HDDs division from the Koreans, but the Wall Street Journal placed American Seagate as the most likely candidate. Among the companies in the segment, it is only willing to accept the deal: while Fujitsu does not appear to have capital to invest, Western Digital has already bought Hitachi in March.