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Samsung may provide OLED panels for upcoming MacBooks Pro and iPads Pro

Even though we are fierce competitors in the smartphone world, it's always worth remembering that Apple and Samsung They are partners in a variety of activities and operations around the world, as South Korea's supplier, guess what, Apple's own used OLED panels on the latest iPhones. Now, it seems, this collaboration could go even deeper.

According to the South Korean website The elec (Google Translate), the two companies are negotiating another partnership, in which Samsung would provide Apple OLED panels for future iPads Pro and the infamous new MacBook Pro Nobody knows exactly when to launch (especially now with the recent machine upgrade), but it should come with a screen about 16 inches.

It's hard to say if Apple adopts OLED displays on all versions of the MacBook Pro with the next update of the machine: the rumor brought by the South Korean website only accounts for the larger version of the computer, so we may see in the not too distant future, a completely new 16-16.5 inch MacBook Pro with OLED panel, coexisting with current 13 ″ and 15 ″ models that may or may not remain for sale.

J the iPad Pro OLED a novelty. Of course, given the natural progress of things, it would even be expected that Ma's professional tablet would leave the LCD at some point, but this is the first time we've heard a concrete rumor about these future versions of the devices.

O The elec It is not exactly a site with a wide tradition of hits in the world of rumors, so this information should be seen as usual with technological speculation, with a hint of skepticism. Still, they are a good indication of the way that Apple may follow in the coming years.

via MacRumors