Samsung may launch a gamer smartphone

Galaxy Odyssey: Samsung may launch a gamer smartphone

Device should fight with Asus’ ROG Phone, and should also be inspired by the manufacturer’s line of gaming notebooks

After all the positive criticisms of the ROG Phone, the smartphone Asus dedicated to games, rumors indicate that the Samsung I would also be interested in producing a gamer smartphone.

Although we have no image or information about the model, the statement comes from a reliable source, since the person responsible for the leak, the Twitter user @MMDDJ, revealed other information about the company in the past. This year, the mysterious MMDDJ also leaked images of a prototype of the brand, which should be confirmed in August as the Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Odyssey: rumors point to a Samsung gamer smartphoneThis week, Twitter user @MMDDJ also leaked images of the Galaxy Note 9

Although the smartphone games market is still a niche, if we look at the latest releases for mobile platforms, such as PUGB and Fortnite, which soon arrives at Android, it is possible to speculate that mobile gambling will soon become a gold mine for manufacturers – both for games and smartphones.

That said, it makes sense to believe that Samsung invests in gaming devices. After all, it was the Korean who bet first on curved screens, borderless screens and phablets, mainly.

What to expect from the future release?

Galaxy Odyssey: rumors point to a Samsung gamer smartphoneLike the ROG Phone, the Samsung device should come with borders on the screen to help support your fingers

Although we have no information about the device support, other than the tweet mentioned, it is possible to speculate that the Galaxy Gamer, or Galaxy Odyssey (why not?), share some of the features already seen on models like the Asus ROG Phone and Razer Phone, which are also called “gaming phones”.

The screen, for example, should have a faster refresh rate than normal screens, something close to the 120Hz. On the other hand, this would also prevent a display AMOLED used on the smartphone, as this technology does not yet support screens as fast.

Galaxy Odyssey: Samsung may launch a gamer smartphoneThe ROG Phone also features a flashy look, with exposed heat sinks and a shiny logo on the back

Finally, with an IPS display and probably a generous battery, the supposed Galaxy Odyssey you will also need an aggressive design, which, like the one made by Asus on the ROG Phone, should adopt a look very similar to that of the Samsung gaming notebook line.

If released later this year, the Galaxy Gamer or Galaxy Odyssey would also arrive ready to fight with the Asus device, since, although it was announced in June, on Computex 2018, the ROG Phone will not hit stores until mid-September.

For those who don’t remember, the Taiwanese brand device will have 8 GB of RAM, options with up to 512 GB of storage and the powerful Snapdragon 845 under the hood.