Samsung launches three new commercials making fun of iPhone X

In the exact same line of the commercial aired the day before yesterday, and with the same actor playing the “Genius” in a supposed Apple Store, the Samsung today ran three more making fun of the iPhone X.

This time, their focus on the camera, respectively, on the use of dongles for headphones and the adapter for quick charging. Check out:

The South Korean is attacking as she can, of course. The quality of the camera is questionable and quite relative, but Apple itself has already promoted DxOMark evaluations, so there is nothing to question; the 3.5mm outlet probably also has its days counted on Samsung smartphones, but while it is there, it has to highlight this as a differential; and the quick charging adapter doesn’t come as a big shame in the iPhone case, which should hopefully be resolved this year.

I just think, again, that Samsung's obsession with Apple is too big. I don't know how far to make fun of that effective way, and I find it strange that these commercials don't even show the Galaxy S9.

via MacRumors