Samsung lança Style S51, notebook flexível com tela sensível ao toque

Samsung lana Style S51, flexible touchscreen notebook

Samsung is announcing the Style S51 Pen, a touchscreen notebook focused on those who do creative work. The computer recently arrived in Brazilian stores and is described by the company as a lightweight, flexible, versatile and durable device.


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The notebook comes with a pen made exclusively for him, the S Pen. It has a 0.7mm superfine tip and up to 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity. This ensures more accurate drawings and artistic paintings.

Another highlight of the Style S51 Pen is that it is lightweight (995g) and can be used for modeling in different ways. It can work in tent, presentation, tablet mode and just like a traditional notebook. These variations are only possible because of your screen, which may change position.

According to Sandra Chen, director of Samsung Brazil's notebook area, the company has been constantly investing in creating solutions that are connected to what consumers demand. Another point commented by Chen, that the quite complete computer, combines portability, performance and a sophisticated design.

The notebook has an Intel Core i7 processor combined with 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. In addition, it features a full HD touchscreen for navigation and use in authoring software. And so professionals can safely save their files and ensure no one else has access, Samsung has installed a face-recognition 3D camera and a fingerprint reader.

Sandra comments that the Style S51 Pen was designed to be used in diverse environments, not just at home or corporate. In this way it was possible to open new possibilities, give more freedom to the user since he can easily adapt to different situations.

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The device also uses the material Metal 12, magnesium alloy that undergoes an electrochemical treatment that makes it more resistant. Interested in Style S51 Pen j can buy it for about $ 8,499.

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