Samsung lana smartphone GamePad and Mobile Console App

Samsung lana smartphone GamePad and Mobile Console App

Samsung has decided to invest in games. Today, South Korea launched the gamepad smartphone it is a mobile console app with the goal of enhancing the users experience with its Galaxy line. Gadget can be used in conjunction with Galaxy smartphones and tablets, making the devices usable as portable consoles. Does the idea catch on?

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Samsung smartphone GamePad! / Samsung

Samsung's GamePad is an accessory that can be connected to mobile devices that have 4 to 6.3 inch screens and allow users to play games wherever they are. In addition, plant players will be able to connect their TV phones via HDMI or AllShare Screen Mirroring.

How it works

The operation of the gadget very simple, happens from the Bluetooth connection. Or NFC tag, as on devices running Android 4.3 and offering access to advanced GamePad features such as Note 3, Galaxy S4, Note 2 and Galaxy S3. Using the NFC tag, just click the "Play" button you'll be playing!

After connecting the GamePad to the smartphone, the player will then need the Mobile Console App (clear!). Just as Galaxy Gear needs Gear Manager to function, where users can access Samsung's app store, GamePad needs Console Mobile App, launched with the gadget. Through the application users will be able to download and download games compatible with GamePad. So far, games released with the gaming accessory are around 35 and some of the most famous titles are:

  • EA's Need for Speed
  • Asphalt8 by Gameloft
  • Modern Combat 4 by Gameloft
  • SEGA Virtua Tennis Challenge
  • and Prince of Persia by Ubisoft

The Mobile Console App can be downloaded only from the Samsung App Store (of course!). But it seems that the gadget itself can be used by other smartphones as long as the OS is Android 4.1 or higher.

samsung gamepad 01
GamePad connects to the device via Bluetooth or NFC! Samsung

Technical Specifications and Availability

GamePad is already available in some European countries and, according to Samsung, will be available in other countries in the coming weeks. However, it all depends on the market in question. If we assume that Samsung has a large margin of users in Brazil, the chances of seeing the GamePad in stores in the country are quite large. The price has not yet been informed, but as we are talking about Samsung, do not wait for a trifle.

Compatibility Android 4.1+ (Optimized for devices running Android 4.3+)
Connectivity Bluetooth v3.0, NFC (Android 4.3+) class 3.0, HID

– D-Pad (8 options) – 2 Analog Sticks – 4 action buttons and 2 trigger buttons – Selection button and start button – Play Button (Android 4.3+)

Dimensions and weight

137.78 x 86.47 x 31.80mm, 195g

Drums 160mA (rechargeable)
Color black

What about, would you take Samsung's GamePad home? Why?

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