Samsung is using the Play Store more and that's great

To continually deliver new features to users, Google makes virtually all of its apps available on the Play Store. So you don't have to wait for a new version of the operating system to be released, for example, with Maps enhancements or new system features dependent on Google Play Services. Motorola, Asus, Sony and LG already do this. Now, it seems, Samsung is investing in this strategy as well.

Don't misunderstand, Samsung offers several of its apps in the Play Store. It turns out that in recent weeks we have seen important company announcements in the Android store, some exclusive to the Galaxy line, such as SoundAssistant, or to the Galaxy S8 and S8 +, such as Always On Display; others open to other models, such as the manufacturer's browser, which now supports Google Nexus devices as well.

In addition to the fact that Samsung may be interested in acquiring more users and may be supporting its unique applications for third-party devices in order to spread its services across different interfaces, another reason is finally to deliver important features of faster and more transparent way.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S8 2019
Samsung's browser is now available on the Play Store for Galaxy and Nexus devices / AndroidPIT

Currently, if Google wants to add a new feature to Google Assistant, such as the addition of support for Brazilian Portuguese, just release an update from Google App and (maybe) Google Play Services, for example through the Android store. This is important because, unlike other operating systems that expect a major software update to release new functions (yes, I'm referring to iOS), you will be able to have the latest functions of Google's Artificial Intelligence (AI) wizard in time. skilled In the future, Samsung should do the same with Bixby.

Opinion by Camila Rinaldi

By putting its apps on the Play Store, Samsung delivers important features faster and more transparently.

Unfortunately, this type of strategy does not speed up the process of upgrading Samsung smartphones to the latest version of Android. This process does not cut the steps of optimizing a new version of the system for the manufacturers proprietary interface. However, it means that the owner of the Galaxy S6, currently with Marshmallow, at least in Brazil, can count on the same version of Samsung Browser that runs on Galaxy S8, with Android Nougat.

update apps samsung plat store
Samsung app updates are made either through the Play Store or system / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Remember that Samsung also has its own app store, Galaxy Apps, which serves as an alternative for discovering new apps and games, but does not replace the Google Play Store when it comes to updating their services.

Finally, I have been using the Galaxy S8 for two months and every time I hear a Samsung app has arrived from Play Store, I know I will get new functions as well, where to find the official apk and app info. I can't wait to see the camera app landing in the Android store. But I believe that this will still take time.

So even if you don't have a Galaxy, be aware that the more apps your smartphone maker makes available on the Play Store, the more functions will be available to you outside the standard system update submission process. Over-the-air (OTA).

And, do you encourage manufacturers to use the Play Store or prefer to wait for a general update to update apps and other services?

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