Apple remains the main target of so-called “patent trolls”

Samsung is leaving Apple eating dust in registered patent numbers

As you all know Apple and Samsung they continue to face each other in several courts, and the basis of so many lawsuits are patents registered by both companies. As controversial as the current patent system may be, once things work.

In an attempt to establish which companies have “innovated” more (considering that new patent registrations = innovative company), the Sqoop compiled a ranking which classifies them by the number of patents registered since the beginning of the year.

And see s: a IBM leads with 3,059 patents, closely followed by Samsung with 3,052. In third, but distant, Canon appears with 1,782. THE Apple it is only in 11th position, with 780 patents registered in 2015.

In new registration applications, Samsung is at the top with 2,487, followed by IBM (1,764) and Toshiba (989). Apple is at 23, with 279 requests.

I can't say much about the diversity / quality of these patents, but Samsung is clearly doing everything it can to "arm itself" against Apple and other possible adversaries in court.

(via Patently Apple)