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Samsung is cited as new supplier of displays for Apple gadgets

While it remains the subject of speculation about delays in iPad production, Apple has entered into new component agreements for its products in the future. The newspaper Korea Times said last week that Samsung received a large order of screens for use on tablets from the company, worth $ 240 million, which would be enough to supply the production of three million units.

Currently, who is taking care of this area is LG, which has had a big deal with Apple since last year and which was probably hampered by the problems with the screens of the 27-inch iMacs. Apparently, the LCD screens ordered from Samsung will bring the same attributes as those used in the first batch of iPads, estimated at ten million units.

On a related note, another Samsung division is also raised as a new supplier of screens for iPods and iPhones, according to a quote from a company executive. According to him, the use of more advanced LCD screens in the next generations of these gadgets is practically confirmed, which probably offers great advances in the visualization of content in these small devices.

(via 9 to 5 Mac)