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Samsung introduces the world's largest capacity SSD with 30TB (!) Of space

Year in, year out, and Moore's Law continues to act on various aspects of electronic components. Just over a year ago, Samsung set a record with the world's largest capacity 15TB SSD. Now South Korea is hitting (or rather doubling!) Its own feat with a new solid state drive capable of charging up to 30 terabytes(!) digital information.

The component, officially named PM1643, has an official capacity to 30.72TB and comes in the 2.5 inch standard ie theoretically you can equip your computer with the little bug, although this is not Samsung's intention: the drive is aimed at the business market and will certainly be aimed at large companies that want solutions. faster for storing your databases. (I imagine the price is well business, too.)

Samsung 30TB SSD

Speaking of speed, it is worth noting that the SSD performs twice as fast as the former crown owner: sequential read and write speeds reach, respectively, 2,100MB / s and 1,700MB / s It is about three times faster than a common solid state drive.

PM1643, as I said, is not (yet) available directly to consumers, and its price and availability has not been revealed. In fact, the best thing we can get out of the news is the prospect of cheaper SSDs after all, as new barriers are broken down, the cost of producing (and selling) the components goes down. So we hope that soon solid state drive technology will be more accessible to everyone.

Anyway, does it cost you to dream of such a small piece that can hold 5,700 HD movies, really?

via Cult of Mac