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Samsung introduces smart bike with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Samsung has introduced a new concept of smart bike which was developed by Samsung Maestros Academy, a Korean company program that encourages designers and other artists to create new products using the company's technologies.

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<p>The prototype was first publicly presented at Milo Design Week in Italy. THE <strong>samsung smart bike</strong> integrates with the components attached to your body, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Arduno module, 4 laser projectors and a camera, all controlled by a smartphone. The lasers project to the ground, signaling the track where the bike rides, which avoids accidents.</p><div class=

Through the rear camera, the rider can always keep an eye on the traffic behind him. The GPS records the movement of cyclists to know which places are most used for traffic and inform the city halls, so that they will build permanent bike paths in the correct places in the future. See below for the smartbike video.

There is no prediction of when the smart bike hits the market, nor how much it will cost. And you, what did you think of the concept? What other tools could be added to the smartbike project?

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