Samsung Gear S now runs Opera Mini

Samsung Gear S now runs Opera Mini

The world of smartwatches is increasingly diverse, but still without a clear leader (unlike Android's dominance in the smartphone market). LG should launch a watch with webOS soon, and Samsung invests heavily in Tizen in the wearable devices of its portfolio. As proof of this investment, Gear S today received its first web browser: Opera Mini.

gear s opera mini
Opera Mini at Samsung Gear S. / ANDROIDPIT; Opera

Opera Mini has been specially redesigned to work on screen less than Gear S, favorite sites appear in Speed ​​Dial as large buttons, making it easy for the user to select them. Zoom works with traditional two-touch or pinch to zoom; By dragging your finger to the side, you can go back or forward the pages. THE Smart page brings links based on the most visited sites, navigation based suggestions or sites that may be added by the user. You can also save pages to read. offline.

As is traditional with Opera, the browser is designed to work even under bad connections, reducing the size of pages and images. As a result, data usage is much less, saving your deductible and helping when you are in a location with poor coverage or where the connection is problematic.

The version of Opera Mini for Samsung Gear S 7.5 is complete. It is available for download from the Samsung Gear Apps store for free. Looks like Tizen came out ahead of Android Wear on this one.

Who has Gear S already tried Opera Mini? Who uses the browser on your Android?

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