Samsung Galaxy S9 can copy the Animojis; new Android will support “cutouts” on screens like on iPhone X

Even in the face of flaws in its operating systems, complaints here or there, Apple remains one of the companies that sets the most trends in the world of technology – whether we like it or not.

When the cutout at the top of the iPhone X appeared, there was a lot of excitement and a lot of people criticized it. Over time, perhaps because they got used to the novelty, their nerves calmed down.

However, even with the complaints, the “interruptions” on the screen – which were previously unthinkable – today seem normal and, according to Bloomberg, the next version of Android will be 100% compatible with these types of cutouts.

The “Android P” (internally called Pistachio Ice Cream), which is expected to reach the end of this year, will natively support such clippings in order to “persuade iPhones users to migrate to Android devices”, as some sources have suggested. In addition, Google would be betting that the look of the iPhone X is here to stay and that it will even be replicated by some companies.

For now, the only “relevant” smartphone in the competition with a cutout on the screen is Essential Phone (from the creator of Android), but it looks like Huawei is working on a device with some kind of cutout on the screen, just like Motorola, whose next device (Moto X5) apparently resembles the screen design of the iPhone X (see the leaked, but unconfirmed photo below).

Moto X5Supposed Moto X5, with screen cutout

The publication also stated that the new Android will also support other types of cutouts, multiple displays and even folding screens. As Google controls the operating system, the manufacturer partners of the Mountain View giant will be able to adjust the software according to their needs, that is, molding the system to devices with or without it notch.

Galaxy S9 with Animojis

There was also negative talk about the usefulness of Animojis, which Apple brought as a way to demonstrate the ability of the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera. In the end, the pets really won over a lot of people.

Perhaps it has achieved so much that other companies have kept an eye on it. First, we learned that the new device in Huawei’s sub-brand, the Honor V10, brought a similar bet, but with the right to even track the user’s language. Now, according to the Korean website ETNews, Samsung will join the same wave!

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9, which is likely to be released later this month, will also come with some 3D animated faces that will mimic users’ facial expressions.

The publication said there will be several characters, including animals, and the technology will be “more advanced” than that used by Apple. The device, even though it was not launched, has already had its details – including images – disclosed: it will also have a stereo speaker system (as in iPhones), but it will be cheaper than the smartphone flagship from Apple, costing $ 850 in the United States.

via MacRumors, Cult of Mac

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