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Samsung Galaxy S3 – root, Custom-Rom and S-Voice & Co. primers for everyone

In recent days, we have discovered several things about the Samsung Galaxy S3, such as the new plans for the Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy SIII has not even been released yet, but to the general delight of Android users, the device is already rooted. Thanks to the web leak of the Galaxy S3's official firmware we can now take advantage of pre-installed applications on SGS3 like S-Voice, Samsung Siri and many other applications.

Another issue, we have even the Custom-Rom primer for Samsung's new device running on Android, although of course, we haven't been able to test on several phones so far, because it hasn't even hit the market yet.

However, we have a few days until the Galaxy S3 is released. So keep your eyes peeled to see what happens to Samsung's special apps for the device. At least we already have the root and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Custom-Rom primer.

After we heard the news this morning, we contacted Samsung who was not at all happy about the leak of the official Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware. The company is blocking unauthorized use of S-Voice, and anyone using the function will be notified with an error message. Only rooted users can use the app at this time, as they have the ability to make a building that supports the look of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Source: XDA Developers