Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has the best smartphone screen ever made

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has the best smartphone screen ever made

After a few years of incremental updates, Samsung's new Galaxy S20 models undoubtedly represent the company's most attractive offering in years.

Launched last week at the company's annual Unpacked event, Samsung's new line of smartphones brought three devices: the 6.2-inch Galaxy S20, the 6.7-inch Galaxy S20 +, and last but not least, the gigantic 6.9-inch Galaxy S20 Ultra.

As a point of reference, Apple's iPhone 11 Pro has a 6.5 inch screen, which means that the S20 Ultra is almost a tablet.

Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra brings the best and latest technologies from the company and, in turn, the price of the device is the same. Although you can purchase the S20 for less than $ 1000, the Galaxy S20 Ultra priced from $ 1,399.

DisplayMateNoteM + DisplayMate for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra screen

That said, if you have the money, and you don't care about size, the S20 Ultra is certainly the right choice.

The staff of DisplayMate wasted no time putting the S20 Ultra screen to the test to see what it brings and how it behaves when compared to other smartphone models.

Now, to be fair, any premium smartphone you buy today will have impressive display technology. In fact, you can argue that most users can't even distinguish between the technology on the screens and everything.

Still, if you like the display technology, itā€™s worth checking out the analysis of DisplayMate in full.

In summary, DisplayMate notes that the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which has a 3200×1440 (QuadHD) monitor, has "absolutely accurate screen calibration and its perfect visual performance".

Consequently, DisplayMate gave the Galaxy S20 Ultra an A + rating, while observing or adjusting "12 smartphone screen performance records" in the process.

"What is particularly significant and impressive is that Samsung has been systematically improving the performance of OLED displays with each Galaxy generation since 2010, when we started testing OLED displays", notes DisplayMate.

The specific areas in which the Galaxy S20 Ultra stands out include color accuracy, full screen brightness, maximum screen brightness, contrast ratio and visible resolution of the screen.