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Samsung Flip Digital Screen Announced for Classroom Use

THE Samsung announced digital screen Samsung Flip, which is designed for classroom use and comes with a 55-inch display and 4K resolution, as well as a pen-shaped accessory to interact with the device.

You can use the peripheral to write or draw on Flip chart, and the user simply has to slide his palm over the display to erase the screen elements. The device lets you customize the writing style, size, and color of pen strokes.

Official site: Samsung Flip

Samsung Flip is a product fully prepared to meet the most diverse challenges of the corporate world and also adapts to the universe of education, advertising agencies and other sectors, as it reflects the digital transformation experienced in these environments. The product is an incentive to digital pedagogical practices, brings innovation and encourages dynamic learning in schools.– Andr Faria, manager of B2B division of Samsung Brazil.

According to Samsung, it is possible to share content from smartphones, PCs or tablets directly on the display. This can be done through connections such as USB or Wi-Fi.

All Samsung Flip data is stored securely within an internal database using a password-based protection system. At the end of the presentations, the user can share the information by email or via a printer.

It is also possible to use the USB connector to save data to external flash drives or hard drives.