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Samsung finally agrees to pay what it owes Apple, but …

You know that boring famous legal dispute between Apple and Samsung in California? Well, soon she'll be five years old!

But from yesterday to today there was a great novelty in the case, as reported by the FOSS Patents. The companies filed a document in court stating that Samsung had agreed to pay the $ 548 million that owes Apple. If the latter provides all necessary notes and receipts on time, the amount must enter Ma's bank account at December 14.

The bad news is that this is * not * yet the definitive end of the case. In the document of this agreement, Samsung determines and Apple disagrees, of course that it will be refunded of the amount paid in case of any reversal of the case in court. That is, she is paying but still hopes to get the money back. This is because, in fact, several patents involved in the dispute continue to be evaluated by justice, especially β€˜915, referring to the function of pinning to bring together (pinch-to-zoom) on the screen.

Despite this β€œdetail”, my understanding that Samsung is finally giving up in this battle. If she really thought she still had the strength to beat Apple, she wouldn't agree to make that payment of more than half a billion dollars already. We'll see

(via AppleInsider)